What a Tangled Mess!!

My Daughter and My Yarn Basket

My Daughter and My Yarn Basket

Yesterday, my two-year old daughter got into my yarn basket.  She’s done it before but this time she really made a mess.  When I finally looked over to see the floor strewn with tangled yarn, my instinct was to scream…or maybe cry, I’m not sure which.  Instead of doing either, my eye caught an unfinished project I’d started maybe as long as a year ago.  It was a crochet pendant made with gold cotton thread and turquoise glass beads.  I’d forgotten it entirely and so vowed to “finish” it!  When I sat down on the floor, I discovered countless crochet “experiments” some good and some bad.  I decided, rather than being angry at my daughter, I should thank her for giving me a reason to go through all this junk and maybe even finish some of the projects.

Yarn Basket Mess

Yarn Basket Mess

There may have been as many as thirty crochet flowers scattered across the floor.  Some small and delicate and some large and fuzzy.  I decided to make three piles.  One pile was for experiments that had gone so horribly wrong they weren’t even worth the unraveled yarn or thread they were made with.  The second pile was for experiments that had gone horribly wrong but that had used enough yarn or thread to be worth unraveling.  The third was for things I thought may be worth finishing.  I threw away the items in pile number one, unraveled items in pile number two and threw the rest into a canvas bag while promising myself I’d finish these projects before starting anything new (we’ll see how that works out). 

A few of the projects were simple to finish, for example,  headbands that just needed the ties crocheted and ends woven in.  Others weren’t so straight forward and I’m not even sure what I originally intended them to be but they still have some potential.  I may decided later that some of them belonged in pile number one in the first place but I can put that off for a while. 

Crochet Gold Sun and Turquoise Glass Beads Pendant- FINISHED!

Crochet Gold Sun and Turquoise Glass Beads Pendant FINISHED!

 This is the pendant I mentioned earlier, finally finished with a matching knotwork chain and silver clasp.  I’m pretty happy with how it came out and I’m excited to discover some more lost treasures.  I crocheted some of them so long ago it’s as though someone else did all the hard work and I just need to finish them.  Of course, as with almost any type of creative process, finishing is most often the least fun part since by this time you may be getting sick of looking at the thing.

Off I go to rescue the next partially finished crochet project from the canvas bag – a.k.a. “pile number three” .Finished Crochet Sun Pendant With Turquoise Glass Beads

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  1. Very cute… I love that pendant!

  2. Very nice pendant.

  3. Thanks! So fun to rediscover stuff!

  4. Beautiful daughter and pendant!!


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