The Latest “Finished” Project

Crochet Wrap Belt Tan and Ivory White

Crochet Wrap Belt Tan and Ivory White

Here’s my latest “finished” project.  For this one all I had to do was make the belt loop, the rest was already done.  I wasn’t sure if I should add some more segments and make it a scarflette but the belt idea won out in the end.  I made the loop by wrapping multi-strand galvanized steel wire in a circle around itself a few times, then crocheted all around it.  The wire works well because you can adjust it to whatever size you need.  On one of the wraps I cut across the center of the circle with the wire (before crocheting of course) and crocheted around it as well.  The loop is a bit flexible but should hold its shape well.  Click on the picture to see the listing in my Etsy shop.

I’m, so far, pleasantly surprised at my ability to focus on finishing  these projects as I promised myself.  My normal process is to flit from piece to piece.  I don’t know how much longer I can sustain this level of focus though. 

Next up!!

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